What’s causing the popping and cracking sound in your vaping device

I have got a couple of friends to ask me this question …. “Why does my vape pop?” If you are new to vaping, it can seem odd or irritating for you to hear certain sounds like crackling and popping coming from your vape. But do not worry, as vape popping is normal in some cases.

Even the most experienced vapers, however, should pay attention to abrupt changes in a vape sound which can be extremely irritating and trigger some major problems. Here are some suggestions on nice and horrific vape noises.

The Wattage/Voltage Level

The first explanation for an instant crackle is to use a sub-ohm vaping system. An RTA with relatively free airflow drives air and improves vape efficiency. More e-liquid condensates and less transforms to smoke, so the noise is produced by excess liquid.

If the vaping wattage is too low, e-liquid will not be vaporized effectively. To increase it you need regular heating or seek to make longer draws. Otherwise, your atomizer can flood, and your e-juice will spit into your mouth. Prevent this by increasing the wattage of the battery. Try vaping at a higher wattage to see if the sounds are still close.

Also, consider adjusting the changes to the airflow to reduce the volume of e-liquid. Twist your sub-ohm tank collar to loosen any air pressure.

Too Much Wick/E-Juice

It takes some time to learn and practice the art of building coils. That ability includes coil wicking. If too much wick is used then the coil can be over-saturated. When an over-saturated coil is vaped at 60 watts, noisy crackling and popping can occur. There is going to be more spitting. To rectify the situation, if the coil resistance allows, the vaper can increase the wattage. Or the vaper could re-wick it. Sadly it can be a messy work to re-wick it! vapers finally become expert at wicking coils.

Low-quality mods

Another unmentioned trigger is the use of a low-quality vape mod. Low-quality mods or clone mods in some cases do not give the atomizer a consistent current. On the downside, there may be surges or weak current which cause problems. It is so necessary to use a quality tool and the best e-liquid. There are thousands of online vape shops and hundreds of vape stores. Consumers need to be mindful of the many bad goods and bad e-liquids out there.

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