Vuse Vype ePod Watermelon – Review

Maybe the idea of mint vape is something your stomach doesn’t appreciate. All you want is pure watermelon flavor, but you’re sick of all the other unnecessary flavors that dilute the pure watermelon flavor. Well, you’re in luck with Vype ePod Watermelon. If you have never tried it give it a try and I believe you will keep coming for more.

The packaging is tight and attractive. The packaging is portable and just perfect for such a product. The red and white colors on the packaging box are a great match and compliments each other very well. The front of the box has the image of the Vuse and watermelon is boldly written on the box. Behind the box, you have the specifications and amount of nicotine present in the ePod. Also, inside the box is a 2-pack Vype ePod Watermelon. Overall, the packaging looks great and you can get enough room in your bag or pocket to carry it around should the need be.

Vuse Alto Canada manufactured the Vype ePod Watermelon to give you a natural taste. It doesn’t have too much sweetness, but you’ll get that full hit of the cooling freshness you want from watermelon. With 50% vegetable glycerin (VG) to 50% propylene glycol (PG), you’ll get the perfect ratio of VG and PG with an easier time inhaling.

For a slice or two of watermelon without those troublesome seeds, treat yourself to some watermelon and enjoy untainted freshness throughout the day and all year-round.

Vype ePod Watermelon also comes with varying levels of nicotine. This ePod has a nicotine content of 18 mg (1.6%), 34 mg (3%), and 57 mg (5%). Vype ePod Watermelon has a mild throat hit. You don’t have to worry about this epod, hurting your throat when you vape it. Vype ePod Watermelon will appeal to different types of vapers because of the varying concentrations of nicotine.

Vype ePod Watermelon is mostly used in Vuse Vype mod devices.  These devices uses a small battery to vaporize the ePod solution into a gas when powered, which is then inhaled. There’s no combustion, so no danger of fire. The ePods can be replaced and this can be good. Sometimes most vapers want to vape a different flavor from what they have, and when you are using an epod is easier to replace the ePods.

Vype ePod Watermelon can be bought from the Hazetown Vapes online store. You can get a pack of 2 (1.9ml each) Vype ePod Watermelon at an affordable price of $10.00. Hazetown Vapes offers premium products at bargain prices.

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