Vuse Vype ePod Replacement Pods Review

Vuse Vype ePod is one of the best-closed pod vaping system on the market. This vape device has a modern design with a portable edge. The Vuse Vype ePod is produced by a British tobacco company. This device uses pre-filled pods sold with different flavors that will review in this post.

The Vuse Vype ePod weights 23g and fits into the pocket effortlessly. This vaping device is sold in different colors that are all stylish. The Vype ePod is draw activated and has a battery capacity of 350mAh. This battery can work for a whole day providing about 195 puffs. This device uses a USB charging port.

You can buy the Vuse Vype ePod for $8.00 at the Hazetown Vapes online shop.

The Vuse Vype ePod pods contain about 1.9ml of e-juice. Each pod will give you about 275 puffs. The Vuse ePod pods come with a pack of 2 pods. These pods contain high-quality nicotine salt, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Some examples of Vype pod flavors available are Mango, Golden Tobacco, Watermelon, Smooth Mint, Strawberry, Cucumber, Berry, Blueberry, Blood Orange, Aromatic Tobacco, Cool Peppermint, Lychee, Passion Fruit, Polar Mint, Smooth Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, Lemon Berry, and Vanilla.

1. Vype ePod Mango

Mango offers a blend of ripe mangoes with a strong nicotine kick. This pod contains 50/50 VG and PG, along with varying levels of nicotine salt. This pod is available with 18mg, 34mg, or 57mg of nicotine.

A pack of Mango is sold for $10.00 via

2. Vype ePod Golden Tobacco

Golden Tobacco is a balanced blend of tobacco with an earthy feel and a smooth taste. This Vype pod will appeal to people looking to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Golden Tobacco comes with 18mg, 34mg, and 57mg of nicotine. This Vuse Vype pod is sold for $10 by Hazetown Vapes.

3. Vype ePod Watermelon

Watermelon is an impressive fruit-based pod offering the flavor of sweet watermelons. This pod has a pleasant sweetness. And Vype comes in 2 packs of 1.9ml pods with varying levels of nicotine. This pod is available in 18mg, 34mg, and 57mg of nicotine.

Watermelon can be bought for $10.00 via Other vape shops sell it for more money.


Vype ePod Smooth Mint

Smooth Mint is a light and smooth mint-based pod e-liquid. The coolness of this pod does not get overpowering. This Vype pod contains 50/50 VG and PG. Smooth Mint contains nicotine in different strength levels: 1.6%, 3%, or 5%.

Hazetown Vapes sells a pack of Smooth Mint for $10.00.

5. Vuse Vype Epod Strawberry

Strawberry offers the taste of fresh ripe strawberries with every puff. This pod can be vaped all day. Strawberry comes with three nicotine levels. Customers can opt for 8mg, 34mg, or 57mg.

Strawberry has a red box and is sold for $10.00.

6. Vype Epod Cucumber

Cucumber has the flavor of freshly sliced cucumbers and notes of ripe watermelon. This pod is ideal for the summer.

Cucumber comes with different levels of nicotine salt: 8 mg, 34mg, or 57mg. Like other pods by Vype, Cucumber comes in 1.9ml containers.

You can buy a pack of Cucumber, which contains two pods for $10.00 via Hazetown Vapes.

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