Vapo Maxx by Vapor Tech Review

You might be wondering what’s the difference between the Vapo Maxx and Vapo? Vapo Maxx by Vapor Tech is a cherry-on-the-cake upgrade to the Vapo salt nicotine disposable pod by Vaportech. It is an advanced, time-saving pod system that is suitable for vapers who crave the ability to satisfy their cravings immediately; no disappointments due to low battery, or no e-juice.

Flavor Description

Vapo Maxx by Vaportech comes with 11 different flavors. They include Pixie Frost, Apple Chill, Fire and Ice, Bananice, Berry Banana, Icy Lychee, Blue Icicle, Citrus Pink, Lemon Glacier, Tropicoco, and RY4. Each pod has a capacity of 1.2ml, and they come pre-filled. You can’t refill them so you have to dispose of them once the e-juice is done and the battery is empty.

Nicotine Level

Vapo Maxx has a nicotine level of 60mg (6%), which ensures you get a strong throat hit. Each pod of Vapo Maxx produces approximately 280 puffs. It is easy-to-use.

Product Description

Vapo Maxx comes in a sleek white portable disposable pod, with its mouthpiece narrowed to a tip with a small airflow hole on only one side, just like the Vapo pod. The pod also has two holes at the bottom for airflow. The device is disposable; you don’t need to charge it or refill it. Just take it out of the pack and start vaping.

Brand Profile
Vapor Tech is an innovative brand committed to creating solutions to the problems of the vaping world. They have a selection of sleek, advanced disposable pods.


All flavors of the Vapo Maxx can be purchased directly from the company at at an affordable price of $4.99.

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