The Liquinator Tank: E-cig Review

The latest contender in the e-liquid tank market is the super popular Vape-O-Matic “Liquinator” by Vaporescence. I recently got myself one of these and ever since it arrived at my doorstep, I’ve not put it down nor have I used anything else. I am absolutely loving it! I got mine from Vapebar (awesome e-cig vendor by the way).

There are currently two versions you can buy: the plastic black cap and the steel cap. The steel cap version is about $20 more and other than aesthetics, I don’t think there is a difference in performance. The steel cap does look a whole lot classier.

How It Works

Putting together the Liquinator and preparing it for use is a synch. Crack open a new Boge 510 cartomizer or another cartomizer of the same diameter and battery threading, place it within the tank then fill it up with your e-liquid.
Once filled, lightly blow through the cartomizer’s center column then screw the whole setup onto your battery, then you are ready to go. It’s that simple.

The cartomizer needs to be precut (otherwise known as “slotted”) using a Dremel or a similar tool on the sides to allow e-liquid to flow into the cartomizer (you can purchase precut cartos from vendors so you don’t have to cut them yourself).

The great thing is, the atomizer coils will always stay wet due to the tank design and you’ll never end up with a dry burn situation as long as the Liquinator is filled.
Those of you who have played around with cartomizers before know just how troublesome it is to keep dripping e-liquid in order to keep the poly filler material wet. This Vape-O-Matic design solves all those problems.

The 2nd Generation Liquinator: Construction Quality

Only when I got to see it up close, did I realized what a simple design it was. There are only 3 elements to the Liquinator’s construction: the end caps (2 pieces), the poly carbon shell, and the O-rings (4 pieces).
The real secret to the design’s success is the rubber O-ring. Four of them sit on both the inside and outside of the steel cap. The pressure seal locks the shell in place and prevents e-liquid leaks. The inner O-rings do the same, forming a tight seal between the cartomizer and the rubber.
This is actually the latest version of the Liquinator tank and it is constructed with a super tough poly carbon shell (that’s the see-through part of the tank). The previous version I believe used acrylic plastic and this was not only flimsy, it was prone to cracking either through wear and tear or from dropping the tank onto a hard concrete floor.

It definitely feels solid as hell and although I haven’t yet dropped it, I’d highly doubt the latest version of the tank would crack if I did. I heard somewhere that it is made of the same material used in airplane windows. This is probably why a simple apparatus such as this can cost up to $34.95 (for the steel version) – it may be the poly carbon that is expensive to produce.

Potential Pitfalls?

I’ve been lurking around the GPTV channel and quite a few members have pointed out a potential issue with the Liquinator. Apparently, if you use this tank with e-liquids that contain strong cinnamon or citrus flavorings, the shell can weaken and crack, due to higher acidity levels in the e juices.
It has happened to one person I know of and she had to send that tank back to Vaporescence. I don’t know if the guys at Vaporescence are going to come up with a superior design in the near future, but for the moment this really is the “Achilles heel” of the Liquinator. Stay away from citrus flavors guys.
So far I’m only vaping light cinnamon mixes, tobacco and coffee flavored e-liquids, therefor I haven’t experienced any issues.

How I’m Using It

I’ve been using the Liquinator tank solely on my Provari (a popular variable voltage electronic cigarette mod), and this has been the best combo ever, for myself. Having the 3 ml version, one refill can keep me vaping happily for an entire day. It’s just so hassle free and easy to use, and best of all, no leaking.
Note: You can also use the Liquinator with any 510 style battery, such as the Ego or other 510 mods.

The Cartomizers

As I’ve mentioned before, the Liquinator does not leak but the crappy Smoktech XL dual coil cartomizers I was using in conjunction with this tank did. Recently, I received some confirmation from other users about how inconsistent they are and that they are prone to leakage.
Smoketech just seems to be lacking in quality control when it comes to the manufacturing of these cartomizers, therefor I would advise you to stay clear of this brand until they get their act together.


Overall, I think that this tank is awesome and superior to any other design on the market, and is well worth the money, especially if you’re into using cartomizers.
It is super easy to set up and use, and eliminates the hassle of having to continually drip e-liquid into cartomizers in order to keep them wet. Not only that, with the 3ml and the 5ml tanks, you will have than enough juice to provide you with hours of non-stop vaping. Combine this with a Provari or another high voltage device and you’ll be in heaven.
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