TastyVapor E-liquid Review | Cafe Mach, Cherry Cola & Tobacco

Boy, I’ve sure had a good run with these e-liquids from “TastyVapor”. The TastyVapor e-liquids by the way, are amongst the best value for money and are all made in the USA.

I personally like to give products a decent enough trial period before actually talking about and reviewing them, and I think I’ve gone overboard with these juices – I’ve actually been using them for 2 months now.

So in this review we have 3 flavors (see photograph above):

1. Cafe Macchiato
2. Tobacco
3. Cherry Cola

Cafe Macchiato

This one is my absolute favorite e-liquid. It tastes almost like there are real coffee beans mixed in there (I think
I read somewhere on the ECF forums that there are) and the flavor is incredibly strong. So that means that you are going to get a full flavor hit regardless of whether you’re vaping on low voltage or high (5V’s and beyond).

I began using this flavor on my Ego-T’s, then progressed to dripping on a 510 atomizer, then finally into a Liquinator tank on my ProVari variable voltage mod (will do another review on that one at a later date). It delivered very good throat hit on a wide range of e-cigarette mods and devices I own.
I treat this as my all-day vape and it’s awesome in the mornings (or afternoons) when I get up and have my first cup of coffee, and at night as a bedtime relaxation vape while I’m lying in bed and watching DVD’s. Such a flexible flavor.

Coffee-lovers, don’t miss out on this one. My rating 9/10.

Cherry Cola

If you can imagine what drinking a warm can of Cola would be like on a hot summer’s day, then you’d know what this Cherry Cola flavor is going to taste like. It’s pretty true to its name, and so much so that you can actually feel the “fizzle” at the back of your throat. This juice never loses its flavor and is one of the very strong ones too.
It’s way too sweet for my liking and I’d give it a 6/10. Cola should never be vaped or drunk warm.


If you’re a tobacco flavor fanatic, then this one is for you. The taste to this one is more reminiscent of fresh Marlboro Light (Gold) tobacco rather than pipe tobacco. It’s mild and has a moderate throat hit, and the feeling you get when the vapor hits your lungs is smooth.

Now, there are tons of different e-liquid manufacturers out there that produce tobacco flavors but the thing I like about the TastyVapors version is that it’s not only a premium flavor, but it’s so darn cheap! They’re selling these over at http://www.tastyvapor.us for around $15 per 30ml (the last time I checked).

I’m not a big fan of tobacco flavors so of late, I have begun to mix the tobacco flavor together with the Cafe Mach flavor in a ratio of 1:3. And this produces a super warm, rich coffee taste.

My rating: 8/10


Hop over to TastyVapor and check out their range of e-liquids. They don’t have tons of flavors but almost every one of them are great. I’ve purchased some additional e-liquid doublers from them recently, I just haven’t mentioned them in this review. But take my word for it, these juices are A-1!
I’m beginning to think that coffee flavored e-liquids (the premium blends) go well with other non-fruity and unsweetened flavors such as tobacco. Have any of you tried your own coffee mixes? Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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