Symptoms of Quitting Tobacco | Using Electronic Cigarettes

A lot of newbies who are new to vaping are overly concerned about their health as well as the dangers of electronic cigarettes.
Some groups of people who have just jump on-board with vaping have experienced some side effects which they blame on e-cigarette usage, but that is just pointing fingers without knowing the cause.

Signs Your Body Is Changing

Some of the symptoms reported are as follows:
⦁    Mouth ulcers
⦁    Headaches
⦁    Nausea or shaking
⦁    Coughing and increased phlegm production
⦁    Heartburn or acid reflux
⦁    Muscle cramps (this is a big one)
⦁    Excessive sweating
⦁    Diarrhea
⦁    Hiccups
⦁    Bleeding gums

Before you jump the gun, you should know that these are also the same list of symptoms of people who quit tobacco-based cigarettes, it has nothing really to do with electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs). When you quit smoking, many things happen because a lot of different chemicals are exiting your system, and your body is healing. Some people are all too quick to put the blame on e-cigarettes in the beginning and I don’t blame them. After all, they are literally stopping a long-term habit overnight! And that’s a big shock to the system.

Muscle cramps have been reported a lot on the forums and this has a lot to do with dehydration. For some reason, vaping e-liquids causes you to become dehydrated quickly and once this happens, it causes muscle cramps or spasms. When I vape, I continually rehydrate by drinking lots of water – you should be drinking lots even if you don’t use electronic cigarettes.

Another very common symptom is headaches. People who have just stopped smoking and have started to get headaches complain about this a lot in the forums. I’m not a medical professional but I know for a fact that when I don’t drink enough water, I get dehydrated and also get headaches. In fact, I get headaches quite often when smoking tobacco cigarettes!

Another cause of headaches is nicotine overdose. Depending on what you are vaping, certain juices contain a higher concentration of nicotine and since some people are not getting the same sort of throat hit they get with analogue cigarettes, they tend to chain vape, and this can lead to too much nicotine in your system. I have experienced this myself, and as soon as I feel the headaches coming, I give the e-cigs a break. I tend to chain vape all day long though and I know I shouldn’t, but I enjoy it too much. In my opinion, this is no different to smoking analogue cigarettes – smoke too much in one day and you’ll just feel sick, period.
The bad thing about electronic cigarettes is that it’s hard sometimes to know when to stop, especially when you’re enjoying the e-liquid flavor.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, you know when to stop smoking when the burn hits the filter. It kind of never ends with e-cigs, so you will just need to change your habits a little and be aware of how much or how often you’re actually

One thing to do if you do experience these symptoms is to lower your intake of nicotine by dropping its strength down to something much lower. That way you are still giving your body the small doses of nicotine it needs without the withdrawal symptoms.

I personally have not experienced the other symptoms since starting up on e-cigarettes other than the occasional headache and very slight dizziness that come about when I overdo it. I don’t get any phlegm buildup doing e-cigs but I used to get a lot of it when smoking, especially when I wake up in the mornings with thick phlegm in my throat.
When starting up with electronic cigarettes, just remember to give yourself and your body a week to adjust to the changes. Most people have no issues making the change and happily jump from analogues to e-cigs without any noticeable side effects – I’m one of them. From the day I started vaping, I’ve not thought about having tobacco, not once.

The Good News?

There are just so many cases of people on the forums reporting that their health has started to return to normal. All too often, I see reports such as:
⦁    A better appetite – but not like going cold turkey and binging on food
⦁    Normalized blood sugar levels
⦁    Reduced restlessness
⦁    Better respiration and lung capacity
⦁    Increased energy, willingness to exercise
⦁    Better skin, smoother complexion – no zits
⦁    Taste and sense of smell returning to normal, so food tastes better

On a personal note, I’ve been finding that my smoker’s cough has pretty much disappeared after a few days. I used to cough quite a lot whilst smoking and since taking up e-cigarettes, my throat has cleared up, and my lungs don’t feel heavy anymore. Every breath comes more easily.

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