Smok V8 Baby Strip Coil Review

Smok V8 Baby Strip Coils are well-matched replacement coils for Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank and the Smok TFV12 Prince Baby Tank. These replacement coils are perfect for excellent flavor and vapor production. An organic cotton wick is provided in each coil and is enclosed in a stainless-steel housing. It has a coil resistance of 0.15 ohm with a recommended output wattage range of 40W-100W. However, Smok says for best performance set the output wattage between 80W-90W. The new integrated mesh coil technology used in this replacement coil heats the vape juice effectively and produce excellent flavor and huge clouds for an amazing vaping experience.

Apart from producing mind-blowing flavor and vapor, the new mesh coil technology increases the life span of the coils. This coil heats up quickly and the heat will be distributed uniformly to avoid burning of the cotton wick. The organic cotton wicking is one of the reasons for a longer life when compared to other coils.

Smok V8 Baby Strip Coils are compatible with the following:

  • V12 Baby Prince Tank
  • TFV12 Baby Beast King Tank
  • V8 Baby Carbon Fiber Tank
  • V8Big Baby Tank
  • TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank
  • V8 Baby Tank
  • TFV8 Baby Beast Tank
  • TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank
  • SMOK Stick 80W Kit
  • SMOK V8 Big Baby Beast Kit
  • SMOK V8 Stick Kit
  • SMOK Stick Prince Baby Kit
  • SMOK G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition
  • SMOK Cloud Baby Prince Kit
  • SMOK Priv V8 Kit
  • SMOK T-Priv Kit

Smok V8 Baby Strip Coils uses kanthal mesh strip as a heating element for perfect heat dispersal and thereby increase the overall vaping experience. This coil is capable to produce intense flavor and huge chunks of vapor. Made of Kanthal, Smok V8 Baby Strip Coil has an enhanced heating membrane element with increased surface adsorption. This makes the e-juice absorption quicker. The large heating and radiation area in the coil distribute heat uniformly and helps the e-liquid to heat up fast. Apart from this, the coil is capable to reduce heat accumulation and corrosion of heating elements. Heating wire in this can load higher power when compared to traditional heating wires in other coils. This coil activates the aromatic elements in the vape juice to produce huge clouds and excellent flavor.

The life of Smok V8 Baby Strip Coil depends on the quality of e-liquid and frequency of use. It will last for around 10 days for a moderate vaper. The voltage pass through the coil also affects its life expectancy. Too high voltage damages the coil faster. As the resistance of this coil is less than 1 ohm, it is recommended for use in a sub-ohm devices. Always use e-liquids with a minimum of 60 percent VG and limit the nicotine strength to a maximum of 6mg as the coil produces huge chunks of vapor. You can buy Smok V8 Baby Strip Coils from Atomic Dog Vapor at a competitive price. It is available in a pack of five. The company sells this for just $11.99. Atomic Dog Vapor offers fast delivery services to its customers throughout the US.

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