Smok Novo Replacement Pods Review

What happens when your pod cartridge for your Smok Novo runs out of your favorite salt-based e-liquid? The answer of course is to replace it. This is where the Smok Novo Replacement Pod Cartridges come in to play. These replacement pod carriages have a 2mL refill liquid capacity, so you can enjoy those vape sessions when your cravings are in overdrive. Also, with an ergonomically designed mouthpiece and an easy side-fill to house a wide range of salt e-juices, these pods should be all you need. And let’s not forget about the atomizer core integrated into the pod which utilizes organic cotton, giving you that top-notch flavor and vapor production when using the Novo.

The Smok Novo Replacement Pods brings your Novo refreshed flavor and better performance. Although your Smok Novo pods can last a few days (this is dependent on how much you vape) the flavor and vapor production will begin to drop off. That’s when it’s time to drain the pod and fill up a new one. Once your new pod has had 10-15 mins to wick the juice onto the cotton it’s ready to go. It is recommended to have a draw on the pod before installation. This simply ensures that it’s properly primed before use. 

The package includes three (3x) replacement refillable pods with built-in 1.2-ohm standard coil or 0.8-ohm mesh coil and 1.4-ohm ceramic coil compatible with the Smok Novo device. Each 2mL pod has an ergonomic mouthpiece, and silicone fill plug that prevents leaks, allowing you to carry around a spare ready to go!

The 1.2-ohm coil pods have a tight mouth to lung draw and generate a small to medium size vapor cloud, making them suitable for use with nicotine salt e-juices in high concentrations.

The 0.8-ohm mesh coil pods have a slight loser mouth to lung draw and generate a larger cloud, and are most suitable for use with traditional freebase nicotine e-juices or lower concentrations (under 18mg) of nicotine salts. It’s important to note that using the 0.8-ohm mesh pods with high concentrations of nicotine (18mg+) is not recommended.

There is a rubber plug to prevent leakage, assuring you don’t waste a drop of vape juice. Also, there is a clear window so you can see just how much e-liquid is in the pod.

Purchase your Smok Novo Replacement Pods at at an affordable $14.99 instead of $24.99 and save 40% of your money.

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