Smok Novo Replacement Pods by Smok Review

Smoktech, popularly known as Smok, is one of the oldest companies in the vaping industry, dating their establishment back to 2010. They are the flagship brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd and are located in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District. Smok is known for constantly stepping up the vaping game, from being one of the first companies to implement dual coils, to integrating Bluetooth technology into vaping devices, and them raising the bar for cloud production from sub-ohm tanks. 

It was up until 2018 that Smok released their first series of pod vapes with the Novo Pod device coming later the same year and quickly became the best-selling pod device. The Smok Novo adopted the patent mesh coils in the Smok Nord, all together in a compact all-in-one (AIO) device.

A Little about the Smok Novo Pod System

We have already established that the Smok Novo pod device is a compact all-in-one (AIO) device, bringing a level of portability to accompany a longer-lasting performance. The device is no bigger than a classic cigarette lighter allowing it to comfortably slip into the pocket of your jeans when on the go. The Smok Novo device sports a 450mAh rechargeable battery that would keep you vaping for a long time, especially considering its such a small device. Being small didn’t stop Smok from loading this Novo pods with a generous 2ml ejuice capacity so you do not have to worry about constantly refilling the tank.

The Smok device uses a draw-activated firing mechanism that eliminates the need for complex buttons. It has an output power range from 10 watts to 16 watts depending on how much battery power you have. The Smok Novo pod device is excellent for both newbies and experienced vapers, giving you a good amount of flavor and vapor.

Smok Novo Pods 

The 2ml Smok Novo pods go right at the top of the battery. The pods use a proprietary magnetized gold-plated connection so that they lock in place firmly. The mouthpiece has a narrow tip that allows you easily and comfortably slip the device into your mouth when you go in for a draw.

On the side of the pod is a fill port for when you need to refill the tank. You simply have to pull out the pod from the device, open up the fill port, and refill the tank. You may want to prime your tank before vaping so you avoid dry hits or burning your coils. They are compatible with a wide range of salt nicotine ejuices, as well as regular ejuices. One of the pros of the Smok Novo pods is their durability and longevity. You are going to be using them for quite a while before you even start to notice a drop in flavor and vapor output unless you mistakenly burn the coil.

When you first purchase the Smok Novo pod system, it comes with two pods that come in quite handy in case you burn one. Nonetheless, it is easy to find replacement pods for your Smok Novo device.

Smok Novo Replacement Pods 

Smok Novo Replacement pods come in a pack containing three pods. The pods come in varying resistances, you can either go for a pack with 1.5ohm, or 1.2ohm, or Ceramic 1.4ohm coils. The 1.5ohm Novo pods are ideal for salt nicotine ejuices. The 1.2ohm Novo pods are for the versatile few. You can either use them with regular ejuices or salt nicotine ejuices. The Ceramic 1.4ohm Novo pods are ideal for marathon vapers. They last longer than the other options even though they sacrifice a little on flavor output.

Ejuice Deals sells these replacement pods much cheaper than many other vape stores. A 1.5ohm pack is sold for $13.99, a 1.2ohm pack is sold for $14.99, and a Ceramic 1.4ohm is sold for $14.99.Novo pods come with organic cotton in vertical coil design. 


Smok Novo Replacement Pods by Smok is a handy option especially if the Novo is your go-to device. You can always carry around a spare pod so you do not have to miss out on the pleasure of vaping even on the go. With the handy coil options, you just have to know what style of vaping you prefer and go for a pod that is designed to give you just that. You can always count on Ejuice Deals to deliver them with no hassle and just in time.

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