Review of Rx Vaporizer by Atmos

The Atmos Rx is one of the most versatile and functional vape pens that you will find on the market. Unlike other similar-sized vaping devices, the Rx can be used to vape either dry herb, concentrate, essential oil or e-juice. You can vape dry herb or concentrate with the same heating chamber, while you need to use a cartridge to vape oils and e-juice. Another thing that makes this device stand out is its stealth design. You can use this Atmos vaporizer to vape in public discreetly. The Rx looks just like a felt pen. The only thing that gives it away is the power button, but it is not immediately noticeable. Thanks to its windproof design, this device has the same excellent performance whether you are vaping indoor our outdoor. This device is recommended for both beginners and advanced vapers. While it could serve as the main vape kit for newbies, seasoned vapers can use this as a travel kit.


The Atmos Raw vaporizer is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It measures only 5 inches in length and is lightweight. You can slide it in your pocket or bag without any bulkiness. This device is available in different colors including black, red, white, green, blue, and more.


This device has four main parts. You have the battery, the heating chamber, the connector chamber, and the mouthpiece. The device has only one button; the power button which also functions as the firing button. It does not have any display. To use this vaporizer, you basically need to load your vaping material and start vaping. The heating time of this device is very fast. You only have to wait for a few seconds before you can start vaping.

The Rx vaporizer can be used as an electronic pipe of a vaporizer when you are vaping dry herb. There is a glass filter that sits at the bottom of the heating chamber. If you take out the filter, the herb will sit directly on the coils so it will burn it instead of vaporizing it. If you want the herb to be vaporized rather than combusted, you need to fit in the glass filter.

How It Works

To use the Atmos Rx vaporizer, you need to ensure that the device is charged. It takes just two hours to charge this device. You can tell when the battery is full because the charger will flash a green light. The battery of this device is legendary. You can go for up to 2 days on a single charge.

The next step if to fill up the heating chamber if you are vaping dry herb or wax. Do not stuff the chamber with dry herb or it will affect the airflow of the device. You need to leave a quarter of the chamber empty. When loading the herb and cleaning the heating chamber, be careful that you do not damage the coil under it. If you use too much force when cleaning the chamber, you could hit the coil which will affect its ability to heat up properly. It is best to use a q-tip or any other soft material to clean the chamber. You can opt to tap the chamber gently the herb remnants to fall out rather than using a tool to clean it.

After you have loaded the dry herb, the next step is to activate the heating elements of the Rx. If you are not using the glass filter, it takes just two seconds to preheat the vaporizer. If you are using the filter, you need to press the power button for 9 seconds. Then wait for three seconds and press it for 9 seconds again. You need to press the power button for at least two seconds while inhaling.

The Atmos Rx vaporizer is available for purchase at any top vape store. This device is normally sold for about $100, but you can get it on Ejuice Pack for only $85.96.

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