Review of Coconut Cake by Cheap eJuice

Cheap eJuice is not new to the vaping industry. It has been around for four years and has been making rich blends of e-liquids. The company makes it a point that they only sell the best and its office is located in Costa Mesa, California.

One of the company’s products is the Coconut Cake e-juice. It is a coconut cake flavored e-liquid with a hint of vanilla frosting. If you are a fan of this type of flavor, then this e-juice is the right one for your everyday vape.

Flavor Description

The sweetness of the Coconut cake is just right that you will not get tired of its flavor. Once you inhale the juice, the coconut distinctly travels through to your tongue. You get a hint of vanilla frosting as the flavor seeps in. As you get to enjoy the taste, you also will feel the cream and custard which tantalizes your taste buds. You do not feel any chemical aftertaste with this product. This is really nice because we do not want any unpleasant flavors that come seeping into our mouths. You also do not feel any dryness in your mouth with this e-juice. Aside from that you also do not get thirsty with this juice. You definitely want to indulge in the sweetness of this e-liquid. It is perfect for your everyday vape.

Nicotine Strength

You get to have two nicotine strength options with the Coconut Cake e-juice. You may choose from the 3mg and the 6mg nicotine concentrations.


The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of the coconut Cake e-juice is 70vg/30pg. There are no issues with this juice if you vape it using your tank or dripping it because of the juice has a medium level of thickness.

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit with the coconut Cake e-juice. There is a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat that does not irritate. As the flavor seeps into your mouth, you also can taste the rich coconut cake flavor from this e-liquid.

 Vapor Production

This product produces thick clouds that are nice to witness. You also will notice that these clouds linger longer in the air. The nice part is that the scent stays in the air together with the clouds and is just so pleasant that it is not irritating to the nose.


You will enjoy the real coconut flavor from this e-liquid. As you get acquainted with the flavor, you will taste the vanilla frosting gradually which is really rich. The product has been blended from exquisite ingredients that you will just want to vape all day with this juice. It is also amazing how the clouds linger in the air and the thickness is satisfying. The throat hit is awesome, and you do not get any unpleasant sensation in your throat when you inhale the juice. The best part is the Coconut Cake e-juice is so cheap that a 120ml bottle only costs $11.99. You can right away purchase the product through

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