Phix Gold Blend Tobacco Pod Review

The Phix Gold Blend Tobacco pod is the perfect choice for tobacco lovers. It give you the natural bold and earthy taste of tobacco. The flavor intensity is well-balanced. There’s no bitter aftertaste to this e-juice, and you get the same smooth taste even when you vape it all day long.

The Phix pod can hold up to 1.5ml of e-liquid. This equates to around 400 to 450 puffs. Each pod contains 50mg of nicotine. This makes it perfect for people with a high nicotine tolerance and also people switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

Phix pods come with a ceramic wicking system as well as temperature control technology. The pods are easy to use. You just need to attach it to the battery and start vaping. The pod gives you a tight mouth-to-lung draw.

Phix is known for its commitment to excellence. All the products from this company have the same mark of excellence. They are manufactured with top-quality ingredients and are designed to be highly functional.

gold phix

Apart from Gold Blend Tobacco, there are also other Phix pod flavors to choose from including Butterscotch, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, and Spearmint. This pods are only compatible with the Phix vaporizer. The pods come in a pack of four. You can get a pack of Phix pods at the Hazetown Vapes online store for only $25.95 each.

Hazetown Vapes is the number one place to get your vaping supplies in Canada. You will find a vast array of products at this store including e-liquids, vaping hardware, and accessories.

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