Kanger SubVoD Vape Starter Kit

The Kanger SubVod is a perfect entry-level vape kit that comes with everything you need to have a delightful vaping experience. This device is a SubVod, which means it does not come with variable wattage and voltage settings.

The Kanger SubVod Vape Starter Kit consists of a SubVod mod and a SubTank Nano S Tank. The device is made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and pyrex glass.  It has a dimension of 137mm by 18.5mm and weighs 98g.

The vape kit has a 1,300mAh capacity battery which should last for several hours depending on how frequent you use it. A micro USB charging cable is included in the package. The charging port is located below the device. It takes about three hours to charge this vaporizer with a 0.5A current. There is a LED light at the base of the device that glows red when the battery is low and green when it is full.

Since this vaporizer does not have adjustable voltage control, the amount of wattage supplied to the coil depends on the battery level of the device. When the battery is full, you can vape at higher wattages – up to 3.7V. But the wattage will reduce as the battery power weakens. This simplicity will appeal to those who do not know much about the intricacies of how vaping works but want to experience it. It is very straightforward to use the Kanger SubVod Starter Kit. You simply need to charge the device, put e-liquid in your tank, and you’re ready to go.

The Kanger SubTank Nano S that comes with this vaporizer is a follow up to the SubTank Nano, which is the smallest tank in Kanger’s Nano lineup. The main difference between both tanks is that the Nano S has more airflow holes. Thanks to this airflow design, you can use the Nano S either for direct lung (DL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.

The capacity of the Nano S tank that you would receive depends on the region of the world that you order the device. Vapers who purchase the SubVod Starter Kit in the US would receive a tank with a 3.2ml capacity. However, vapers in Europe would get a tank with a capacity of 1.9ml. You can choose to fill the tank from the bottom or the top. The tank comes with a removable drip tip that can be replaced with any 510 drip tip.

The SubTank Nano S comes pre-installed with a 0.5ohm coil head which has a wattage range of 15W to 60W. Kanger SSOCC coils are very popular on the market, so you will not have any problems finding a replacement coil head for the atomizer.

The Kanger SubVod Vape Starter Kit comes in several stylish colors including stainless steel, black, white, blue, purple, and pink. You can purchase this vape kit from the South Beach Smoke store for only $29.95. It is also available in many other online shops for vaping products.

You are not stuck with using the SubTank Nano S that came with this vape kit. You can change the atomizer for any sub ohm atty with a diameter of 18.5mm. There is a spring-loaded 510 connection on top of the battery compartment where you can connect the atomizer. The device supports a minimum resistance of 0.4ohm.

As stated above, the SubVod vape kit does not have any complex settings. The only button on this device is the firing button. You click it five times to turn the device on and put it off. The vaporizer comes with several inbuilt safety features such as short circuit protection and 10-second cutoff.

The Kanger SubVod Starter Kit is not only recommended for beginners, but also for highly experienced vapers who want a stealth, portable kit. You can throw this vaporizer in your top pocket or bag, and it wouldn’t weigh you down. This is arguably one of the smallest sub ohm vaporizers on the market today. It will stun you with its cloud production. Also, the device is fitted with the Kanger’s SSOCC coil head which the company says enhances the flavor of any e-liquid brand you use with this device.

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