Kanger Genitank Mini Review

Kanger’s Aerotank line is among the most popular clearomizers that you will find on the market today. The Genitank series from Kanger was created as a budget friendly alternative to the Aerotank. The Genitank Mini clearly takes inspiration from the Aerotank Mini. Both tanks look quite similar. However, the former has a different air flow system and can hold up to 1.5ml of e-liquid.
The Kanger Aerotank Mini feels like a more high quality product compared to the Genitank Mini, but the latter does not disappoint in terms of performance.
Like other tanks in the Genitank line, the Genitank Mini is made of copper and overlaid with chrome. It looks very glossy. The glass also comes with a solid clear Pyrex glass sleeve. Unlike the Aerotank Mini, this Kanger tank does not have any interchangeable metal sleeve. Although the Pyrex sleeve is replaceable, you have to purchase one separately.
The Kanger Aerotank Mini is quite small. The dimensions of this tank are 640mm by 14.4mm. The base of the tank is eGo threaded, so it will easily fit many eGo style mods out there. You will need a 510 adapter to use this tank on most advanced mods.
The Genitank Mini is fitted with a rounded 510 drip tip that looks much like the one that comes with the Aerotank Mini. The drip tip is removable. You can use any 510 drip tip on this tank. This is a thoughtful design since the drip tip tends to get hot when you are chain vaping.
As noted above, the Genitank Mini can hold 1.5ml of e-liquid. This is slightly larger than the 1.3ml capacity of the Aerotank Mini. The tank has a bottom filling design like almost all Kanger tanks. You need to unscrew the base section before you can fill up the tank. Be careful not to put e-liquid in the central tube when you are filling the tank. Always check that your coil had is firmly fixed before attaching the bottom piece of the tank.
The Kanger Genitank Mini comes pre-installed with a 1.5 ohm dual coil head. It is fairly straightforward to change the coil heads of this tank. The coil needs to be simply screwed into the base section of the tank. Each coil head will last the average vaper for about two weeks. It is easy to find replacement coils for the tank on the market, and they are quite cheap. You can get a pack of five replacement coils for about $9.50.
The air flow system on the Genitank Mini is different from what you will find on the Aerotank Mini. Instead of a single air hole with adjustable sizes, the Genitank Mini comes with four tiny air holes like the Genitank Mega. There is an air flow ring that you can slide over the air holes to restrict or open up the air flow. With that said, this is not a tank for cloud chasing. However, it does provide a decent amount of vapor.
While the small size of this tank makes it portable and TPD complaint, you will need to carry a small bottle of e-liquid with you if you are going to use it on the road. Another thing is that just like the Genitank Mega, the Genitank Mini starts to get a little warm when you are chain vaping on it. This is not a major flaw, but it is worth noting. Overall, this is another well designed clearomizer from Kanger. Although it is not as sturdy as the Aerotank Mini, it does perform well. You can get this tank on Vape Fu for just $14.99. For that price, this tank is clearly a bargain.

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