INNOKIN LEA E-cigarette Review

Hi, guys, it’s time again for yet another e-cig review: this time, I’ll be covering the Innokin Lea e-cigarette and how it failed in my tests.
I’d like to, first of all, say thanks to Boge Technology for sending me this LEA review kit. If you haven’t already, check out the Boge Revolution V2.1 that they also sent me, as I’m really starting to like that box mod.

The 1 Week Testing Period

I’ve already had the Innokin LEA for an entire week. I didn’t want to rush this review and really give it a fair rating. Some time was also required for the LEA atomizer to break in a bit, and also for me to test out several different e-liquids with this device to see how the flavors turned out.

Looks, Style & Body

I really like the way the Innokin LEA looks. In terms of appeal, it gets 10/10 stars for me. Very slim, very light (length = 150mm , diameter = 13.5mm) and it looks like an expensive fountain pen!

The whole device is really durable, almost all metal in its entirety. The paint has a glossy finish as well and that makes the whole thing look slick and expensive – classy. The unit I received was a titanium-colored version if I’m not mistaken, but on the website, it’s listed as “dull gray”.
It comes with a pen cap as well so when it’s on, the whole thing is disguised as a pen, or one of those whiteboard laser pointers. It might be perfect for those of you who want to do “stealth vaping”.

Battery Life

The Innokin LEA is a pen-style device, and with its slim form factor, I didn’t expect the battery to last long. Surprisingly, it survived an entire day of vaping.

I’m a pretty heavy vaper but I normally rotate between several different devices. With the LEA, from what I’ve seen, it would easily last you an entire day (around 8 hours) if you’re a heavy vaper and about 6-7 hours if you’re a moderate one. The tech specs say that the battery capacity is 650 mAh.

Battery Features

The battery features a multi-colored LED to signal to the user when the device requires charging:
⦁    Green – fully charged
⦁    Orange – charge has been depleted to the halfway mark
⦁    Red – recharge me now
⦁    3 clicks to turn on the battery’s safety-lock feature

Pass Through

Another really nice feature of the battery is the Pass-through. The Innokin LEA comes with a USB to mini-USB retractable cord, and with the pass-through it allows you to keep vaping on the device even when the battery has depleted by connecting the device your computer or wall socket (the kit I received came with a wall socket adapter). Nice!

Vapor Production

The vapor production is really good for such a small 3.7V device. I was getting really thick clouds of vapor with every drag from the Innokin LEA and each draw was smooth an easy, even with really short drags. This outperforms the default Ego-T e-cigarette in terms of vapor production.

The Tank System

The Innokin LEA utilizes a tank system, very much like the Ego-T and 510-T’s. Here is where the LEA let me down. Most non-mod tank systems out there are guilty of producing cold vapor and less flavor, and the Innokin LEA is no exception.

No Leaking

The tanks of the LEA were pretty easy to fill which make this unit good for any beginner. Unlike the Ego tanks, the default tank caps of the LEA are made of silicon, and the seal it makes with the container itself is perfect. The piercing hole also fits snugly around the party’s needle.
Even after one week of heavy usage, I saw no deterioration of the tanks and there were no leaks either. That’s a huge plus. My Ego tanks did leak on me on several occasions and it becomes a really big pain in the butt when you’re outside.

There weren’t any e-liquid leaks from the hole in the mouthpiece either. Getting juice in your mouth is another thing the Ego-T is famous for. No problems at this end with the Innokin LEA.

What I Don’t Like

I tried several of my favorite e-liquids on the LEA and I was surprised as to how different they tasted. I’m big on the sweet flavors but every time I took a drag off this unit, I couldn’t taste the sweetness at all. There was a pretty moderate throat hit but nothing huge.

I’m used to vaping with low resistance atomizers and also dual coil cartomizers which produce a really decent flavor from my juice. With the LEA, it was cold and almost tasteless… almost. I did get a hint of flavor in there but it’s nothing compared to an Ego-T (default).
Since moving on to dual coil cartomizers, I’ve stopped becoming a fan of tanks, and the Innokin LEA pretty much reinforces that.

Juice Capacity

This is another negative point about the LEA. The tanks are tiny, holding at most 0.5 ml (I think). I was able to put in only about 12 large drops of e-liquid into the tank, and that’s not much considering how much I vape in a day.

If you’re going to buy the Innokin LEA, you just have to be prepared with a few spare pre-filled tank cartridges before you leave the house. Each fully-filled tank will last you about 1 hour at the most if you are a heavy vaper.


A lot of people who have reviewed the Innokin LEA have said that they really liked it and were happy with its performance, but the flavor is a huge thing for me. I spend a fair amount of money on premium e-liquids and I want to taste the flavor I’m paying for. Good vapor production, but if the PV isn’t giving me the kind of flavor hit I’m used to, then I’d have to pass.
How much does the Innokin LEA cost? The starter unit will cost about USD $50 and consider $50 isn’t really a lot of money, the LEA is not too bad. The Ego-T starter kit costs more at around $67 (at its cheapest).

How much does the Innokin LEA cost? The starter unit will cost about USD $50 and consider $50 isn’t really a lot of money, the LEA is not too bad. The Ego-T starter kit costs more at around $67 (at its cheapest).
However for the same price, I’d rather purchase a different e-cigarette such as the Boge Revolution V2.1 (click the link to see my review) which holds a lot more juice, and has really good flavor and vapor, along with incredibly long battery life (it is much bigger in size compared to the LEA though).

If you like the look and the slim form factor of this unit, by all means, go out and buy it. It isn’t a crappy e-cigarette, it’s just not something I would personally buy because of the lack of flavor.

If you have any questions about the Innokin LEA, please drop me a comment below. I’d be happy to answer any questions. Thanks again for reading my review.

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