How to Clean Your Old Cartomizers


Do you have filthy, gunked up cartomizers that need a cleaning? Don’t throw them away just yet. There’s a new solution…

I’ve always been a cartomizer fan since the day I first got hold of them. My first cartomizers were the dual coil Smoktech’s. These produce tons of vapor and a lot of flavor but their lifespan is pretty short (I’m talking 1-2 days here, on dark e-liquids). After this time frame, the flavor from my e-liquids start tasting “watered down”. I’ve also been using the Boge 510 cartomizers and after a few days, the same thing happens.

The thicker and darker the e-liquids, the faster the coils of the atomizer become choked up. This results in less efficient burning of the juice, hence you get reduced flavor as well as vapor.

I’ve seen quite a few videos on YouTube about dry burning atomizers, but I have not tried those techniques out myself – it looked like too much trouble. And with cartomizers, you need to remove the poly fill material before you do a dry burn otherwise you’d be burning the poly fill itself, which will make your liquids taste horrible.

One cleaning method I have tried is soaking the cartomizers in hot water and although that works to a certain extent, there will always be some trace flavors remaining in the poly fill that are really difficult to get rid of. This is why I generally throw away cartomizers after about 2 days. They’re so cheap and disposable anyway.

However, today I was made aware of the “Cartoblast” cleaning method. Now this is really interesting way to clean out your cartomizers, check out the videos below.

This is the Cartoblast method:

Here’s an alternative syringe method:

The Cartoblast apparatus is really simple, and involves a plastic tube with one end that fits over a 510 cartomizer perfectly and the other which gets connected to a syringe. The syringe pumps water through the entire carto, which cleans out a lot of the remaining e-liquid.

I don’t know how well this would work on the dried up juice sitting on the coils though! That kind of gunk is only removable via a dry burn. I have yet to try this out myself but if this works as well as it appears on the videos, then those of you who are Halo G6 or V2 e-cigarette users would be able to keep reusing those cartomizers and save yourselves from ordering new cartos every week or two.

Anyway, leave your thoughts and comments below. If you’ve tried this method, let us all know how well it has worked for you. Were your cartomizers as clean as new?

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