Goon LP RDA by 528 Customs Review

The Goon LP RDA is the latest atomizer from 528 Customs. This RDA received a lot of hype ahead of its release last year. There is no question that the Goon LP RDA was one of the latest atomizers released last year. It features some differences from its predecessor including its compact build and side clamp style deck. This RDA was made specifically for flavor chasers, and it also produces some massive clouds. Also, it is quite easy to change the coils and wick the atty. If you want a unique RDA that performs incredibly well, try 528 Customs’ Goon LP RDA.

The Goon LP RDA is not cheap. If you have tried out the original Goon RDA, then you know that this is a high-quality atomizer. You can get the Goon LP RDA for about $75 on most online vape stores. However, it is going for only $55 on Ejuice Deals. You can get this atomizer in matte gold, matte black, and stainless steel color.

The Goon LP RDA by 528 Customs has a very elegant appearance. This atomizer has a dimension of 20mm by 24mm. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a matte finish. Inside the box, you will find an Autumn drip tip and top cap. The extra drip tip and top cap were added because the Goon LP RDA tends to get overheated when you are chain vaping at a high wattage. The Autumn drip tip and top cap are made of cured epoxy resin. Therefore, they can withstand a lot of heat without getting hot.

This RDA from 528 Customs comes with a 10.5mm Delrin wide bore drip tip. You can use the drip tip of the first Goon RDA on this atomizer. However, it will not fit any regular drip tip that is less than 10.5mm wide. As a result, it is a bit awkward to get lung hits from this atomizer although it has adjustable air flow slots. The adjustable airflow slots are situated on the side of the top cap. You can open and close the air flow slots by turning the top cap.

You will not struggle to access the build deck of the Goon LP RDA. You simply need to take off the top cap and the barrel to find the gold-plated build deck. If you have any experience with the original Goon RDA, then you would notice that this atomizer has a different build from its predecessor. Instead of a vertical clamp design, the Goon LP RDA has a two post horizontal clamp design. Although this deck may seem strange for those who have never used something like this, it is no more complicated than using a vertical clamp deck. If you want to enjoy maximum flavor from your vape juice while using this atomizer, you need to fit your coils well so that they sit directly under the two adjustable air flow slots on the barrel. The trick is to not make the coils too close to the center, but you do not want to make them too far apart to avoid them touching the barrel.

You will find a gold-plated 510 connection pin at the base of the Goon LP RDA. You can easily use this atomizer with a squonker mod as it is fitted with a hole in the 510 pin for your e-juice to travel. This 528 Customs atomizer comes with four 3mm juice wells to allow your wick saturate properly. It also comes with a PEEK insulator.

Overall, the Goon LP RDA by 528 Customs is built very well and has excellent performance. This is one of the best low profile RDAs on the market today.

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