Evolve Plus 2020 Replacement Coils by Yocan Tech Review

What’s better than having a great device that meets all your requirements? 

With the Yocan Evolve Plus 2020 edition, you have more than the two coils and an array of coils designed to deliver an excellent combination of flavor and vapor. It works with replaceable coils so you never miss out on a moment of vaping.

Yocan is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of vaporizers. The company is based in China, and its goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle. With Yocan, you can be sure of quality products at affordable prices.

A Little About The Evolve Plus 2020 Edition by Yocan Tech

The Evolve Plus 2020 Edition by Yocan Tech is not your average vaporizer. It is made especially for concentrates – primarily wax.

The device sports a cylindrical form. It shares a close resemblance to some ejuice vape pens. The device is also sleek enough for you to fit into your pockets when you need to put it away. 

On the body of the device, there is a single button that does everything you need from the device. Five clicks of the button will fire the device on. Another five clicks will turn it off. Pressing and holding the fire button allows you to take a draw. 

The device features a 1100mAh battery within its chassis. The battery is strong enough to keep you vaping for days before you need to recharge, depending on how much and how frequently you vape. You can charge the battery using a micro USB cable that comes in the Evolve Plus kit. 

The Evolve Plus 2020 Replacement Coils

In order to give you cleaner taste and ample vapor density, Yocan designed the Evolve Plus 2020 Replacement coils using the all-new Quad coil technology with two (2) stainless steel quartz rods. Since it is Quartz and not just the traditional wick, you will get an even cleaner vape experience with a smoother draw. The 2 coils in the single atomizer allow for quicker heat up time. 

The Yocan Evolve Plus 2020 Replacement coils are not just compatible with the Evolve Plus Wax vaporizer, they are also compatible with a number of Yocan wax vape devices:

  • Evolve Plus (Original edition)
  • Evolve Plus (2020 edition)
  • Evolve Plus XL (NOTE: the mouthpiece will shift because this coil is smaller)
  • Regen line of devices
  • Torch (2020 edition)
  • Zeus

So if you have any one of these devices, you should not have a problem getting one of these replacement coils, fitting them in, and going for a vape. 

AvailabilityYocan Evolve Plus Replacement Coils | Quartz Dual Wax Heads Cores

The replacement coils come in a pack of five coils meaning that it would probably be a while before you run out of coils for your Evolve Plus 2020 Edition Wax Vaporizer. However, there are no coil caps included in the pack. 

At atomicdogvapor.com, you can get a pack of Yocan Evolve Plus 2020 Replacement Coils for $14.99. As a plus, when you buy from Atomic Dog Vapor, you can be rest assured that your order will get to you on time and you enjoy the best customer service.


The quartz coil setup on the Evolve Plus is what really changes the game. They work well and they are considerably cheaper than many others on the market. So why not go for something that will do the job perfectly without ripping a hole in your wallet. With the Evolve Plus 2020 replacement coils, you vaping sessions are taken care of. 

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