Dual Coil Cartomizers On My Ego-T | Review

My order has finally arrived from Health Cabin! The new dual coil cartomizers – yay. The shipment took about 7 days to arrive (including the weekend) and I have to say, these are a whole new vaping experience.

What Are Cartomizers?

Cartomizers are basically atomizers that come with a cartridge, and are ready to be vaped from the get-go. They are supposed to be an efficient and economical way of enjoying your e-liquids since they’re disposable, yet cheap. They set me back about USD $2 per unit, and normally come in packs of five’s.

Cartomizers exactly what you get with e-cigarettes for beginners, like the Elusion electronic cigarettes. You know, the cartridge end of the device that you throw away after use because it’s empty? These are the same thing except for the fact that they are refillable.

So the “cartos” that I bought are the new dual coil ones. Most atomizers come with only one coil like the standard 510′s but with two coils, you’re going to get better vapor production, warmer vapor and a lot more flavor. There are also triple coil cartomizers which have just been released and they may just be on my “to buy” list, we’ll see.

How I use them on my Ego Tank

These dual coil cartos that I bought are from the 510 series, so I use them on my Ego-T batteries (see photograph). Since the Ego’s use 510 threading, you can easily modify the Ego to utilize these cartomizers in the same way that I have. That’s the beauty of the Ego in my opinion – big battery and lots of flexibility with modifications.

In the photograph, the battery you see is actually an official mega Ego battery (1100 mAH), which I have purchased separately and wasn’t part of my starter kit. Costed me USD $16.


All up, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars for usability and performance. These are considered mega cartomizers and they can hold up to about 4 ml of juice in one filling. The thing is though, there is a down side to this – they chew up a lot of juice very quickly.

I’ve been going through about almost 8 ml of e-liquid every day since I received these cartomizers. It’s a good thing that I’ve started up on mixing my own juices otherwise these dual coils are going to not only burn through my juices but my bank account as well.

They are very easy to fill, and a full refill lasted me about 3 hours of moderate vaping. That is more than enough for most of you. If you’re going out, I suggest you take a spare cartomizer with you that is pre-filled just in case.

Flavor & Vapor

The vapor is pretty decent, but nothing overly mind-blowing. In fact, from my experience, the vapor production is slightly less than what I get vaping the same type of e-liquid on an Ego-T low resistance atomizer. But I’m not too picky with whether or not I get heaps of vapor from a device. I’m only interested in flavor and throat hit, and this is where these cartomizers really shine.

Flavor-wise it is consistent, very consistent. With my Ego-T’s, I found that after a day or so of heavy vaping, the e-liquids start to lose their flavors. I just don’t get the wonderful flavor pop that should be there. With the Ego-T’s I thought I was seriously losing my taste buds.
With these dual coil cartomizers, the strength of the flavor is consistent each time round and I highly recommend it if you’re big into flavor like I am.

How I destroyed my first 3 cartomizers

Since this was my first time with cartomizers, I had no idea what I was doing. My first unit got totally burnt out because I only gave it about 10 drops of e-liquid. This is far from sufficient. The second unit suffered the same fate as I only gave it about 30 drops of my favorite juice, and vaped it till I started getting the same burnt taste in my mouth.

How to use them

After tons of frustration and having to throw away 3 brand-new cartomizers, I went onto the ECF forums and asked for advice. And I got a lot of great responses from the folks there.

Some preparation is required before using a new cartomizer. You will need to pre-fill about 60 drops of juice into the filler material, and letting it settle for about 15 minutes to make sure all the liquid gets soaked up nicely. Don’t get overly eager like me, you’ll just burn out your atomizer.
Note: Everyone’s definition of a “drop” is different. It really depends on how large the nozzle is.

To be on the safe side, what I do now is keep dripping until you see a e-liquid forming on the battery-end of the cartomizer. That’s the sign that it’s full. Wipe off the access and let it sit for a while (it’s best to do the refilling without a battery attached).

Once you start vaping, keep a watchful eye on your e-liquid levels. Always keep the coils wet. You’ll know when it starts drying out as soon as there is a sudden drop in the amount of flavor you get from each drag. Add in about 10 drops each time.

Are they for beginners?

I would have to say, “no”. It’s definitely not for pure beginners or those new to vaping. If you’re new, stick to Elusions or Halo e cigs, or even go with the Ego Tank system. At least, until you get the hang of it.
At the rate I’m going through e-liquid with these dual coil cartomizers, it can get quite expensive as well. So until you are mixing large batches of your own juices, I’d give these a miss.



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