Disposable Electronic Cigarette By Vapouriz | Review

Are disposable electronic cigarettes worth buying? I’ve tried a disposable a long time back, the brand name of which I cannot even recall. All I remember is that it tasted foul

This week, I received a disposable electronic cigarette review kit from “Vapouriz”. They contacted me via my blog a couple of weeks ago and asked if I was interested in tasting what they had on offer. So I agreed…
As usual, my reviews aren’t paid, so I am going to give you guys my honest opinion here. Below are some photos I took for the purpose of this review:

Why Disposable E-cigarettes Are Generally Bad Stuff

The problem with disposable e-cigs is that they aren’t made to last, and since you aren’t supposed to use them over and over, the build quality is generally going to be low. Most of the cheap disposable electronic cigarettes that I have come across have really horrible tasting e liquids that are bound to put new users off right away. But this e cig by Vapouriz really took me by surprise. Here’s why:

Visual Aesthetics

Now, the product itself looks pretty well-made and it doesn’t look crappy like the cheap disposable e-cigarettes you find at the gas station. On the contrary, these look just as well-made as the V2 e-cigarettes and the Halo e-cigs which I have reviewed in the past. The unit comes with a nice aluminum casing (black), and also an LED light that turns on every time the battery is activated. But this is rather standard so far…

Battery Life

The battery life doesn’t quite matter here as you are most likely going to run the e cig cartridge dry before you run down the battery (i.e. You run out of juice and need a new cartridge). These units are not supposed to be refillable by the way. However if you really want to do so you can (but I see no point being a disposable e-cigarette), by peeling off the top plastic cap that covers the cartridge, and dripping your liquid in there.


I’ve said it time and time again – When it comes to e-cigarettes, taste is everything. And when it comes down to disposable e cigs, the flavors are usually sub-par. The Vapouriz e cig delivers in this department and I must admit, the menthol flavor that came with this review kit tasted mighty good. The flavor’s strong and fresh and I kinda like it, even though I’m not really a big fan of menthol.

I vaped on the device for an entire day in order to do this review, and by late at night, it was still going. The e liquid capacity, in this respect is pretty good.

Vapor Production

Now here’s the bummer. Although the packaging doesn’t quite disclose what amounts of PG/VG are used in the manufacturing of the e juice, I have a hunch that the liquid is mainly PG-based.

As a result, this unit produces very little vapor. I tried taking very long drags but couldn’t get much out of it. It kind of feels like sucking jelly out of a thin straw. I guess I’m just used to the ridiculous amounts of vapor that come out of my Provari e cig. This by the way, is the only let down to the Vapouriz disposable electronic cigarette in my opinion.

Here’s a quote from their website:

“We also supply a very high quality e-liquid, (a propylene glycol and nicotine mix solution). These come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths – tobacco, mint, menthol, cherry, pineapple, banana, chocolate, coffee, – and unbelievably, we can also supply roast chicken!! And many more flavours besides.”

The e juices that I prefer vaping always contains a bit of VG (vegetable glycerin) to enhance vapor production and to increase the sweetness – usually in the 70:30 ratio (PG: VG). I also find that if I vape PG-only e-liquids, my throat starts to get incredibly dry and irritated.

Although I only received the menthol flavor for review, Vapouriz also have other flavors in store. I don’t know how these taste though, but if you have tried the other flavors, please do share your experiences in the comments box below.

Satisfaction Factor

The throat hit I received from this product was pretty good, and I was indeed getting a decent nicotine hit from this to curb my cravings. How many mg’s of nicotine was in the product? I’m not sure but, here’s what is written on the website:

“In terms of nicotine content, we can supply e-liquid with 0.6% (low), 1.8% (med), 2.4% (high), 3.6% (x high), and we can even supply zero (0.00%) nicotine liquid.”

Product Pricing

The disposable e-cig unit sells for £5.95 plus postage, and you can check out the Vapouriz website for further details. On their website, they also mentioned that they mainly distribute their line of e cigarette products in bars, clubs and restaurants.

Vapouriz is a UK based company and is also a member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA).

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