Cyclops Vapor Colossus Review

It’s a given that I receive quite a bit of juice for review, both through the vendor submission process as well as juice that I purchase individually for consideration. I often find myself making trips to the post office 3-4 times per week to pick up a package, but I almost always know what’s on the way, or at the very least, which vendors are sending out samples. While it’s not completely unheard of, I am rarely surprised to see a package that I wasn’t expecting. In this case, not only did I receive something I wasn’t expecting, it was from a vendor that is very popular, a quality brand of e-liquid known as Vanilla custard.

I decided to try the Vanilla Custard because it is a flavor that I have seen a lot of lately. This particular bottle piqued my curiosity with this statement printed on the label: “A blend of 43 different flavors to reach the perfect balance of rich and creamy vanillas.

I make quite a bit of juice myself, and I have some recipes that I think are relatively complex, involving as many as 12 different components, but I don’t make any e-juice that has anything close to 43 different flavor components, so I was eager to see how this one would play out.

I am expecting to be bombarded with a multi-tonal, dynamic, intensely complex flavor profile, but instead, it’s not all that complicated…its indeed tasty, and different from any custard I’ve previously tasted. It’s apparently laden with vanilla flavors that are not necessarily custard-based. The most common note in the blend is a vanilla cake/cupcake flavor.

Weight:0.30 LBS
Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz
Nicotine level: 65%VG/35%PG

Additionally, with a price of 13.99 for a 30ml bottle, this is a vanilla custard vape juice that stands with other premium custard liquids at a great price


It’s a good flavor, sweet with high notes of vanilla and a deeper bass note of yellow cake. The next flavors that I can taste are the light custard note, French vanilla, and a creamy vanilla ice cream, all of which are solid, tasty flavors, and meld quite well with the cake flavor. Like the other flavors, I’m getting in Tastes Vanilla Custard, the custard in play is quite good.

Throat Hit

It’s satisfying with a certain sense of realism, but the proportion is very different from other custard e-liquids I’ve tasted and reviewed, with the custard a little further back in the profile than I usually see in these mixes.

The finish brings all the vanilla notes together with a caramelized top note that’s reminiscent of butterscotch and a subtle sense of acidity.
It makes me think there could be a hint of lemon in the mix (I could be way off base on that, but I get some bright acidity that feels like a very light hint of bright citrus, although no real lemony flavor, per se).

The butterscotch flavor is briefly noticeable on the finish, and I can’t be certain if it’s a result of flavors blending or an individual butterscotch component in the mix, but either way, after tasting it initially, it was quite difficult to miss after that.

The Quality of Vape:

The profile remains very similar in both the high wattage rig I used for this review (Duke/TOBH @ 41w) and the more standard kanger subtank(9.6w or 4.9v with a 2.5Ω at), rich with vanilla, if not entirely vanilla custard. The milder custard note allows the juice to withstand quite a bit more heat than similar e-liquids, showing no signs of flavor degradation or off tones at 40+ watts.

Thanks to the cake component the throat hit is quite potent although a long way from uncomfortable, with impressive vapor production as well. All said Tastes Vanilla Custard is magnificent, although not exactly what I would call an actual custard…more a creamy vanilla blend, yet not quite as creamy or smooth as straight custards can be.

The other flavors work exceptionally well together, and this juice is, as a whole quite tasty, just not precisely what I was expecting from a bottle labeled Vanilla Custard.

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