Blue Razz E-Juice by Air Factory Salts Review

Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts is a blue raspberry candy vape juice that will give you a mouthwatering vaping experience. If you have a thing for candy vapes, this could easily become your favorite. It has a sweet and tart taste, just like real blue taffy candy. Blue Razz is awesome! The flavor is not too intense. You can chain vape on this e-liquid without ending up with vaper’s tongue. That’s a good thing because you won’t want to put down Blue Razz from the moment that you try it. This e-juice is very enjoyable.

Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts is the perfect vape juice to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. When vaping this e-liquid, you can taste the sweet blue raspberry candy flavor on the inhale. The taste is rich and yummy. On the exhale, the flavor takes a tart turn. It is not lip-smacking sour, but just tart enough to balance out the sweetness that you get on the inhale. With Blue Razz, you can indulge your taste buds without packing on any calories. Blue Razz reminds me of blue raspberry taffy candy or blue raspberry rancher candy.

Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts has a balanced vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 50/50. This e-juice was made for vaping with a low wattage pod device. It is not advisable to vape it with a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Blue Razz has a great flavor. The vapor production of this e-juice is decent. It was clearly not made for cloud chasing. However, you will get a mouthful of vapor clouds with every hit.

As indicated above, Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts is a high salt nic e-juice. You can get this vape liquid with either 35mg or 50mg of nicotine. Regardless of the nicotine level that you choose, Blue Razz vapes smoothly. You will not experience any harsh sensation at the back of your throat when puffing on this e-liquid.

Blue Razz by Air Factory Salts has a lovely packaging design. The vape juice comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Air Factory Salts logo as well as the flavor name, bottle size, nicotine level, VG/PG ratio, and more. You will have no issues refilling your pod device directly from the bottle. The bottle of e-liquid comes in a cardboard box which has the same design that you will find on the label.

Air Factory is one of the biggest brands in the e-liquid market. This company has mastered the art of creating candy vape liquids. Air Factory Salts is a remix of the Air Factory series. It contains many of the same e-juice flavors. Therefore, you will find a version of Blue Razz made with nicotine salts as well as a version with freebase nicotine.

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